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Dietary Advice On Coughs And The Recipes


8 Jan, 2005• Tags: Cough, Chinese Medicine


According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the lungs are vulnerable organs, in which the flow of qi can easily be disturbed, leading to cough or other problems. Appropriate self management is crucial for long term lung health.


Diet To Boost Your Fertility


26 November, 2006 • Tags: Fertility, Chinese Medicine


Taking Chinese Diet to Boost Your Fertility

Chinese believe proper food intake not only supports the daily nutrient needs, but also cures or relieves health problems via their moderate therapeutic actions. Many food ingredients serve as herbs, for example, job tears, tangerine peel and ginger. They are used to make delicious dishes while at the same time exert medicinal properties. From this, eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can make pregnancy possible. 

The way of selecting the right foods is based on syndrome differentiation, so that they fit into the individual's constitution, correspond to the pathological conditions and assist the existing remedy. TCM refers to this as "an application in accordance with the individual, locality, season and disease."

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Weight acupuncture

Food Therapy For Weight Loss

9 September, 2008 • Tags: Weight Loss, Chinese Medicine


Chinese people are very concerned about their daily food consumption; they consider it a first line of treatment. It is common for the Chinese to treat a minor ailment with a specially prepared meal or by including a particular ingredient in a dish. Based on the classification of patterns suggested above, there are two main ways of treating obesity by food therapy: 

(a)Transform phlegm and eliminate dampness by drying the body and

(b)Fortify the spleen and invigorate the kidneys.

male impotence acupuncture

Diet For Impotence

4 May, 2010 • Tags: Impotence, Chinese Medicine


The Chinese have one of the earliest writings on sex which is referred to as the "Chamber Skills". Its source can be traced back over 2,000 years ago. In 1974, excavations of the Mawangdui tomb discovered not only medical writings dating back to 168 BC, but also the earliest preserved sex monographs. The main purpose of the monographs was to pursue longevity and health through sex. They contained a large amount of details on therapies and prescriptions for sexual dysfunction. Sex was an important life nourishing measure in Taoist practice too. In Taoism, a healthy and balanced sexual relationship mirrors the harmony of nature and contributes to one's longevity. Most of all, moderation is recommended; it is thought excessive sexual activity depletes yin in men and yang in women.

sleep acupuncture

Eating Right To Promote Sleep

20 February, 2014 • Tags: Sleep, Chinese Medicine

Insomnia can occur for many reasons, including stress, health problems and change of lifestyle. A well-balanced diet helps the body function well, makes you fall asleep faster and deeper. Some foods promote sleep, while others may affect the sleep pattern. If you are having a trouble sleeping, you need to pay attention to what you eat.