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Diet for Impotence

4 May, 2010 • Tags: Impotence, Chinese Medicine


The Chinese have one of the earliest writings on sex which is referred to as the "Chamber Skills". Its source can be traced back over 2,000 years ago. In 1974, excavations of the Mawangdui tomb discovered not only medical writings dating back to 168 BC, but also the earliest preserved sex monographs. The main purpose of the monographs was to pursue longevity and health through sex. They contained a large amount of details on therapies and prescriptions for sexual dysfunction. Sex was an important life nourishing measure in Taoist practice too. In Taoism, a healthy and balanced sexual relationship mirrors the harmony of nature and contributes to one's longevity. Most of all, moderation is recommended; it is thought excessive sexual activity depletes yin in men and yang in women.

Chinese Diet for Impotence

Pond loach

Sea cucumber

A good dietary habit plays a vital role in reducing health risks. Foods and herbs share the same sources. That means food not only provides nutrients that the body needs, but it also can cure health problems via their therapeutic actions. Since impotence is mainly attributed to kidney function, it is advisable to consume foods that tonify the kidneys and strengthen yang. Samples of foods that do this are pond loaches, sparrows and sparrow eggs, mutton, Chinese chives, sea horses, sea shrimp, walnut kernels, sea cucumber and mussels.

In addition, special therapeutic diets can be consumed regularly and frequently to nourish the body. These are designed to assist the body in healing itself and maintaining libido. Below lists some sample recipes. Individuals can choose one or two for regular consumption based on their own conditions.

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