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Here’s How Chronic Pain Can Be Diagnosed And Treated With Acupuncture And Chinese Herbs


14 June, 2018• Tags: Pain, Acupuncture


Can you use acupuncture for pain? Absolutely.


The main problem with chronic pain in Western Medicine is that it is considered incurable, and that it is being caused by some structural problem (i.e. something is pushing on the sensory nerve or nerves, causing the pain). Consequently, people suffering from pain symptoms for more than 6 months are many times told they must simply live with it and seek pain “management” methods, such as pain drugs and psychological therapy. Intuitively, one knows that there is something very wrong with this picture.

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Why Millions Of Americans Are Affected By Depression And How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help

5 August, 2018 • Tags: Depression


Depression is one of the most common complaints that we see clinically.  We treat this condition approximately 40 times a day with excellent results. Does the Chinese Medical approach replace Western drugs? The short answer is, in most cases, yes.  What is depression and what are its characteristics?


This is something we need to explore before we talk about treatment.  So let’s get started.  Here are some basic facts about the syndrome known as depression: