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What Is Herbal Medicine?


Chinese Herbal Medicine is the biggest component of traditional Chinese medicine and has evolved over thousands of years to become a safe and effective form of treatment for all manner of illnesses and disorders and are typically used in conjunction with treatments such as acupuncture.

Formulas typically consist of different mixtures of herbs depending on the symptoms being treated and can be taken as a pill, powder or as a tea. As with acupuncture, the different types of herbs and dosages used depend on your symptoms as well as the overall energetic condition of your body as these remedies are used to restore your body to it's natural balance.

Here at Premier Medical Acupuncture, we only carry the highest quality herbal products. After a thorough consultation regarding you and your condition, we will work with you to find the most appropriate course of treatment for your specific condition.

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?


When treated by well-trained herbal practitioners, Chinese herbs are effective and safe, and rarely cause unwarranted side effects. Drug-herb interactions and careful attention to dosages and herb combinations are paramount in Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese herbal industry is working with the TGA to ensure safety and quality of Chinese herbs imported into this country.

What Can They Do?


Herbal medicine is an effective treatment for the full range of human disease including acute afflictions such as the common cold or intestinal flu, to chronic ailments such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, gynecological disorders, and chronic pain.

Is It Safe For Children?


Yes! Pediatric medicine is a specialty within Chinese medicine. With smaller doses of herbs in easily administered forms, such as pill, or powder, Chinese herbal medicine can treat diarrhea, fever, cough, eczema.

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