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Eating Right to Promote Sleep

20 February, 2014 • Tags: Sleep, Chinese Medicine

Eating Right to Promote Sleep

Insomnia can occur for many reasons, including stress, health problems and change of lifestyle. A well-balanced diet helps the body function well, makes you fall asleep faster and deeper. Some foods promote sleep, while others may affect the sleep pattern. If you are having a trouble sleeping, you need to pay attention to what you eat.

Generally, people may react differently to the same food, you have to experiment and learn your own "trigger" foods.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one's physical constitution varies from person to person, and all aspects of a person's lifestyle including work, relationships and daily habits can affect it. Eating according to your body type will help achieve overall health and improve your ability to get a restful sleep.

TCM views insomnia a manifestation of a shen (spirit) disorder that always accompanied with heart disharmony, because the heart is the residence of the spirit. Food and herbs that nourish the heart help calm the mind and ease insomnia. These include longan aril, jujube seed, mulberry, Chinese arborvitae kernel, schisandra, reishi mushroom, lotus seed, poria, lily bulb, wheat and barley.

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